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Smoky Lentil Stew

This humble-looking but hearty stew is almost a staple on our table, not only due to the exceptional nutritional value of lentils, but because this recipe is amazingly delicious and easy to prepare. […]


Crispy Chicken Wings

When I prepare these chicken wings, the baking aroma coming out of the oven brings me back to my mother’s kitchen. A pleasant flashback that starts with the smell, continues with the heart and ends in a satisfied palate. It is extremely easy to prepare with very few ingredients. […!

Peruvian Chicken Stew

A recipe that my Peruvian fellows could find similar to the typical Seco but which in this form I do not dare to call like that any more.  I have reinvented the dish, adapting it to what is available in this hemisphere–cilantro/coriander sold in grams and not in bunches!–and to my husband’s taste–for him cooked carrots and, especially, peas are a no-go! […]