About the blog

Welcome to my blog!

If you are an enthusiastic traveler and are passionate about good food and wine, you will be interested in checking my posts.  Everywhere there are tons of travel and food guides, and it is usually very difficult for a true foodie to find the right place.  This blog is an adviser of foodie spots proved to be extraordinary and of suggested routes that lead to them.

There are four categories:

  • Foodie Routes: Short trips set up to explore a region, focusing on foodie spots.  Following these routes, you will always end up eatiIMG_1108ng and, most probably, drinking well, while discovering sites you might not reach otherwise.












  • Homemade:  Tested recipes — developed or adapted by me — to delight your family and friends or to comfort you at home when there is no time to escape …















  • Sneak Peeks:  The heart and also namesake of the blog, where I give you a preview–let’s say a little foretaste—of, what for me, are superb places to satisfy the foodie in you.  Places that are unique not only because of the fantastic tastes and quality, and because seasonal products play a major role, but because hospitality and service also exceed one’s expectations.  Each entry starts with ‘Curious in …’ and the name of the city or region where I had the experience.


  • Spotlights:  Each write-up under this category focuses on one restaurant or foodie event that has captivated my palate and soul.  Like all the entries included in the Sneak Peeks, the spotlighted place had to exceed my expectations.  Every post begins with ‘In the Spotlight: …’ and the name of the featured restaurant/event.



Please also note that

  • I use links to other blogs or websites. Very few of them may not be in English; nevertheless, I have included them as they can be of interest to some of you.
  • The contents on this blog (text and photographs) are my own. You may not reproduce excerpts or images without my prior permission.
  • I review the places of my own accord and don’t accept anything for promotion or advertising purposes.
  • You can contact me in English, Spanish, or German.

I hope that my virtual peeks will open your foodie appetite and that you will find the chance to try and enjoy them the way I did.

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