About me

Hi, I am Patty, and I am keen to share foodie experiences through this blog, just because writing each post is like traveling again, recapturing the joy.

My background is quite multicultural:  Asian (Chinese parents), Latin (brought up in Peru) and European (married to a Swiss-Peruvian for 34 years and based in the Swiss Alps for more than 27 years).  I am convinced that my multicultural background has strongly geared my foodie spirit and also explains my eagerness to explore the world.

Mount Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland, Sep 2017

During my childhood in Peru every meal at home felt like a feast.  My father, a demanding foodie himself, used to talk to us about life and food while we were all sitting together at the table.  My Chinese grandparents and my mother spent hours in the kitchen preparing the most delicious dishes.  With them I learnt how essential it is to use fresh ingredients to achieve good flavors and, most importantly, that you can unite people through food.  ‘No other culture is as food-conscious as that of the Chinese.’ – R. Shek

1969 in Lima with my family. Yes, we are seven children: two girls and five boys!

Peru’s geography offers a variety of natural products year round, a unique source of inspiration to any cook.  Not surprisingly, Peruvian cuisine is considered nowadays among the best; rightly so.  It is the result of local and immigrant traditions, and my family is an example of this.

Throughout my years in Europe I have been traveling around, focusing more and more on foodie spots, searching out new tastes, photographing, enjoying the whole experience.

With Andreas Caminada, Schloss Schauenstein, Fürstenau, Switzerland, Dec 2017

Living in a wine-producing region, which has an amazing Pinot Noir, and attending wine tastings at various wineries worldwide have taught me a lot.  So today food is not my only passion; I have also discovered the fine world of good wine.  Now I don’t just drink wine, but enjoy the interaction of nice wines with delicious food I keep uncovering in my travels.

With my husband and the late Alejandro Fernandez, magnus of the Grupo Pesquera, Rivera del Duero, Nov 2014

Where will I go next?  It will be where good food and nice wine take me.

From foodie to foodie