Perfect Party Appetizers for Entertaining

It is a very special day:  Today Foodie Sneak Peeks is celebrating its first blogiversary with this Post No. 51!

For a day of celebration, let’s have a toast with a Pisco Sour, because the delicious, Peruvian cocktail is the most viewed post on the blog, and I have the master pisco-sour barman at home!

In the ranking of views the HOMEMADE Pisco Sour recipe is followed by three SNEAK PEEKSBarcelona, La Habana, and Torino.  This makes me especially happy, because, as you know, the sneak peeks are the heart of this blog.

The FOODIE ROUTES with most views are the Basque Coast, the Rioja, and the Puglia.  I love writing them as well, because it is like traveling again.

A foodie’s blogiversary would not be complete without the perfect collection of party appetizers.  I am sharing with you a selection of easy-to-prepare, undeniably irresistible hors d’oeuvres that are perfect to glorify a special day like this.  I am including a solely display of images, because “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Now browse through the selection of guaranteed party-pleasers.  Some of them are already on the blog (those with captions starting with an asterisk*); search for them under Homemade.  Drop me a line in case you are interested in having details about any of them.

After one year of rewarding, blogging adventure, I can only thank my family and my engaged, loyal audience–among them so many old, good friends, and today so many new ones as well.

***** I am taking a blogging break and will be back in June.   Take care! *****

8 thoughts on “Perfect Party Appetizers for Entertaining

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary❣️
    I am looking forward to your new posts in June, have a good time in the meanwhile. I will be missing your inspiring and interesting articles on Wednesdays.

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