Curious in Torino (Turin) in a Different Way … Counting Down the Days!

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I am back after spending an incredible four-week break in Peru, full of unforgettable family gatherings and get-togethers with good old friends.  As you can imagine, it was also a stay replete with gastronomic delights.  This is the natural way you are to be spoiled there.  I will be telling you about fantastic, foodie highlights in Peru in another post.

With the Turin Epicurean Capital 2017 just around the corner (June 21-23), I have little time to talk about anything else.  This event–this year in its fourth edition–aims to raise international, public awareness of the Torinese and Piedmontese culinary traditions and way of life.  Being Torino the hub of the slow food movement, this meeting is certainly interesting for all those who like to enchant their palates with delicious food and good wine.  Don’t miss it if you are around!


Interested in learning why Torino is a foodie capital?  Check my Sneak Peek ‘Curious in Torino (Turin)’.

I leave you for now, according to the program, I have to get ready to take part as a guest in the round table on Friday, June 23, where there will be a lot of talk from foodie to foodie.

4 thoughts on “Curious in Torino (Turin) in a Different Way … Counting Down the Days!

  1. Ai Pattita qué ilusión y qué orgullo. Te seguiremos de cerca y espero que cuando te hagas (más) famosa nos lleves en tu maleta… Besos y suerte!!!!

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