Curious in the Seychelles: Praslin


Here is the second part of our recent fortnight in the Seychelles.  This post is exclusively about the four days spent in splendid Praslin.  With 12×4.6 km it is the second largest island in this fascinating archipelago.  We started the trip in big Mahé (26×8 km), so don’t miss the beginning of the journey and look into the Sneak Peek:  ‘Curious in the Seychelles:  Mahé’.

Praslin (pronounced “Pra-lé” by the locals) is an unbelievable island escape.  We knew we wanted to see more of it.

Anse Takamaka, our favorite spot in Praslin

This time we took the plane instead of the ferry for the island hop from Mahé to Praslin.  We don’t regret!  I bought the Air Seychelles tickets online.  It was an exciting, easy experience to get on this 19-seat plane for a 15-min domestic flight.  The shortest commercial flight I have ever been on!


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As arranged, Sonny was waiting for us at the airport.  He is the nice, reliable taxi driver we had met last year.  We were happy to count with him again for all our transfers.  Besides being punctual and kind, he knows all (and everyone!) about Praslin.  I really recommend to hire him if you prefer not to drive, considering that driving is on the left.

After a 25-min ride (15 km) we reached Villa Face Mer, our self-catering apartment at Anse Possession.

Anse Possession

Located in a quiet bay with a wonderful balcony overlooking the ocean.

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The spacious two-bedroom flat is fully equipped and impeccably kept.

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Arnaud, the host, is friendly and helpful. He will be happy to give you every piece of advice and make sure that you will make the best out of your stay.


  • Hire Sonny, or rent a car (check with Arnaud if staying at Villa Face Mer).
  • Before checking in at Villa Face Mer, make sure to do some grocery shopping. The nearest stores are at Côte D’Or approx. 5 min (2.5 km) by car …
  • 300 m up the hill you will find Mirella’s Grocery, a little convenience store. They kindly showed us their garden, their turtles, their house, and their ocean view.

Checking out the neighborhood:

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Laurier Restaurant – Located at Côte D’Or, this is an extraordinary place to taste delicious samples of Creole cuisine.

The rustic setting (tree pillars, palm leaves, sea shells, and colorful tableware) creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere.  The staff is attentive and kind.

Their buffet dinner (daily 19:00-22:30, except Wed) offers an exciting variety of dishes, amazing salads and curries.

At the BBQ corner the grill master will delight you with the catch of the day among others.

Everything we tried was tasty and fresh.  For sure a place you will not like to miss if in Praslin.  By the way, they also run an eco-hotel.  Note that they will be closed for renovation from Dec 2018 to Mar 2019.

After our homemade breakfasts with a view,

accompanied by some locals,

we loved our daily 20-min (1.5 km) walks along the seashore from Villa Face Mer to Anse Takamaka.

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The beauty of Anse Takamaka is all what you dream about pristine beaches; a wonderful beach where we could be on our own.

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This beach is the house-beach of the Raffles; do not confuse it with the other two “Anse Takamaka” in Baie St AnneSome impressions of the Raffles:


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Raffles Pool Restaurant & Bar – Being Anse Takamaka the house-beach of the Raffles, we took breaks from the sun and sand to enjoy fantastic drinks and light meals at the hotel pool.  Holiday feeling at its best!

The drinks:

The dishes:

Les Rochers – For me this is the most romantic place for a special dinner.  Don’t forget we were celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Make sure to be there on time for the sunset (if Nov no later than 17:45), let the hosts spoil you with the most delicious sundowners, and enjoy the moment.

Although it was windy and there were dark clouds, because a storm was approaching, we could only be happy and grateful to be there again.

Sandra, the owner, is the kindest hostess.  She looks into every detail to make sure that you will have an unforgettable evening.  She succeeds.

The food is prepared by her husband, chef Joël Confait.  The menu is mainly fish and seafood.  You can order it the way you prefer (grilled, steamed, with or without a sauce, etc.).  The side dishes are generous and interesting.

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A unique place, wonderful hosts, an incredible foodie experience, one is delighted to repeat.


We are loaded with fond memories of this trip and are eager to return. Perhaps, like this terek sandpiper–an annual migrant to the Seychelles–we may become regular migrants to this paradise …

A last little bit of this trip is still to come:  An easy hiking trail through a national park in Mahé.

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