In the Spotlight: “Fall in Love” Market (Fürstenau, Switzerland)

 Andreas Caminada’s Genussmarkt (Indulgence Market) “Fall in Love” took place yesterday in its third edition.  You couldn’t ask for nicer weather, with temperatures reaching 28°C (82.4°F).  Last year we had to wear warmer clothes for the same event …

Check also my Spotlights on Schloss Schauenstein and IGNIV Bad Ragaz, for more on this extraordinary chef.

He must be doing things right when, for his one-day foodie market, he can attract over 4,000 people to Fürstenau, this tiny Swiss corner 1h30 from Zurich!

Upon arrival, staff will direct you to the designated event parking lot outside the city.  You will be impressed by the number of guests and cars.  It is nice to see that the little city is car-free zone for the day.

After parking, a short stroll to the market while enjoying the scenery.

First things first, lucky enough to run into THE CHEF himself, who kindly advised us to pick up a souvenir shopper bag before walking around the market.

In the “Fall in Love” market you will find regional farmers’ prime produce,

as well as the finest artisanal food.

This time I had decided to taste Salsiz, which is an air-dried sausage, a regional specialty from the Grison.  If you like salami, you will change it for a Salsiz.

Swiss, organic gin, vermouth and flavored tonics had also stands.

The highlight of the Genussmarkt is certainly the direct, casual approach to some of the best Swiss chefs.  Their contribution is to showcase the great diversity in today’s cuisine, making it available in the world’s smallest city!

A must in an event like this:  The Big Green Egg in XXL format, of course.

Can’t wait to “Fall in Love” next year …

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