In the Spotlight: IGNIV (Bad Ragaz, Switzerland)

Welcome to the first post under Spotlights, the brand new category I am introducing to Foodie Sneak Peeks.  As described in About the Blog, each entry under this category focuses on one specific restaurant that has captivated my palate and foodie soul.

For some time now I have been exploring the foodiesphere around the globe.  The result is a short list of superb spots that have surpassed my expectations, serving not only exceptional food, but offering something extra and unique that you will hardly find anywhere else and will make you eager to return … I hope you like this addition to the blog, and enjoy every spotlighted tip!


To open this category I have chosen IGNIV, which means “nest” in Romansh—the fourth official language of Switzerland.  I think a “nest” is always a good place to start something new, isn’t it?

You will find a lot about IGNIV on the media as it is rightly listed on the Michelin (1-star) and GaultMillau (16 points) guides.  I don’t necessarily like to write about starred places—there is already enough information around–unless they offer that something extra special I am  looking for, and IGNIV certainly does!

It was for my last birthday that I was invited by my son to IGNIV. How well he knew how to spoil his foodie mom!

Located in the stunning Grand Resort Bad Ragaz*****

IGNIV is the second restaurant of Andreas Caminada (3 Michelin stars / 19 GaultMillau points), opened in Dec 2015 and offers a different gastronomic option:  the fine-dining, sharing experience.

The menu is designed to fit the sharing concept, with meals consisting of 14-18 different dishes; and you can try them all!  Sharing a plate might be a regular practice in many countries, e.g. Peru or China, but in Switzerland this is something really new and avant-garde.

A perfect table next to the window.

The experience started with marvelous appetizers:

Every dish has been minutely elaborated, almost like a piece of art.

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The starters:

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The staff was friendly and delivered impeccable service.  Like here presenting one of the starters:  the ‘IGNIV Nuggets’ …

The main courses:

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Silvio Germann is chef de cuisine and Francesco Benvenuto is sommelier and manager.

Francesco Benvenuto, GaultMillau «Sommelier of the year 2018» (standing left)

As you can expect, the wine selection is incredible.  It even includes some Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, which are among the most sumptuous and stylish Pinot Noirs of Burgundy.

That’s how much one of those Burgundy bottles can cost!

We were happy with a very good bottle of Rioja …  Check my Foodie Route ‘The Rioja, Where Each Wine Has a Story to Tell’.



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Presenting the Geeiste Joghurtkugel-Kirsche (Iced Yogurt Ball-Cherry)

Before leaving, homemade treats from the in-house Candy Store to go:

I am sure we all agree that this is a nest to come back!



  • If you are around Bad Ragaz, a dip in the Tamina Therme is a must!
  • Another very nice place to visit is the Tamina Gorge (only mid-Apr to mid-Oct).
  • During the Holiday Season besides indulging in IGNIV,  don’t miss Europe’s biggest living Christmas tree (40,000 lights) in the resort park.  At any other time of the year, you can still admire the beauty of the centennial giant sequoia.
Merry Christmas!  From foodie to foodie

Note:  In Dec 2016 the second IGNIV opened in St. Moritz @Badrutt’s Palace.

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