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Curious in London

Covent Garden

When your BFF, who lives 9,000 km away, tells you that she will be in London for a few days, knowing that your flight will only take you 1h40, you can only jump on the next plane. The idea of catching up and spending time together in the unique, bustling city was too tempting not to follow through. […]

The Rivera del Duero, a Delightful Route for Every Wine Lover


Among red Spanish wines, I have always favored the ones from the Rivera del Duero, or ‘Riberitas’ as some informally like to refer to them.  I think it is their fruitiness and […]

Curious in the Ribera del Duero


For travel details, check my Foodie Route ‘The Ribera del Duero, a Delightful Route for Every Wine Lover’

Aranda del Duero – We had a wonderful lunch at El Lagar de Isilla, located on the main  street.  A traditional tavern/restaurant with a historic underground wine […]