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The Rioja, Where Each Wine Has a Story to Tell

Rioja Alavesa

If you hear about Rioja, you immediately think about wine.  This is nothing new; already in ancient times (20 AD) Romans indulged themselves, having wine shipped from Rioja to Rome! […]

The Rivera del Duero, a Delightful Route for Every Wine Lover


Among red Spanish wines, I have always favored the ones from the Rivera del Duero, or ‘Riberitas’ as some informally like to refer to them.  I think it is their fruitiness and […]

Curious in the Ribera del Duero


For travel details, check my Foodie Route ‘The Ribera del Duero, a Delightful Route for Every Wine Lover’

Aranda del Duero – We had a wonderful lunch at El Lagar de Isilla, located on the main  street.  A traditional tavern/restaurant with a historic underground wine […]