Curious in Milano – All for Frida

This time it was “Frida Kahlo – Beyond the Myth” (01Feb–03Jun2018) that made me return to Milano in less than two months.  This exhibition at the Museum of Cultures (MUDEC) includes 70 paintings, 40 drawings, 150 photographs,  personal letters, and such unique items like her diary.

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Six years of research and planning were needed to set up the exhibit, which is presented in four sections:  the Woman, the Earth, the Politics, and the Pain.  The result is, indeed, an amazing showcase that brings you closer to the artist’s personality and her works; it is a real tribute to her admirable life.

Tip:  Get your ticket on-line to avoid the long queues.

Exceptionally, the highlight of this sneak peek is Frida, but, of course, I have also some foodie tips to share with you.  This time I stopped in a few new spots but also revisited others, just because they are too good not to go back.  One of these is Pavè Milano, which was the perfect place to meet some friends and to enjoy our first coffee and the best croissants.  See also ‘Curious in Milano – A Sweet Peek’ where I wrote about Pavè Milano.

I took the chance to try Q.B. Gelato, another place for natural ice cream I still had on my bucket list.

I tried, dark chocolate, and salty pistachio, which is their star.  Once you have tried the pistachio, you will understand why.  It is a bit salty but perfectly balanced:  delicious!

After visiting the exhibition at MUDEC, it was time for the aperitif.  We walked to Taglio, another place we like to go when we are in Milano.  Check ‘Curious in Milano’ for my write-up about it.

We spent the weekend with some friends, who also live in Switzerland.  We had dinner with them at Risoelatte.  We all had a great evening, enjoying the good, traditional,  Italian food, the wine, the 1960s atmosphere, and the friendly hosts.  More under ‘Curious in Milano’, ‘Curious in Milano – Taking Another Peek, and ‘Curious in Milano – A Sweet Peek’ … As you can see, there are special places that you just love to go back, because you are sure, they will not disappoint.

If we are in Milano, we like to see what is going on at Eataly, a food market where you can find all the good stuff Italy has to offer!  Original from Turin, today Eataly has expanded all over the world with eighteen stores only in Italy (two of them in Milano).

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Just walk in, check all what is available and how it is displayed; it’s a delight.

If you want to see the Duomo from a bird’s perspective, I suggest that you take the lift to the 7th floor of Rinascente Piazza Duomo.  Order your drink at the terrace of Maio, and enjoy the gorgeous view overlooking the cathedral.

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Admire the 135 spires and over 2,300 statues that stand watch over Milano!

Strolling through the magnificent Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, the display window of Marchesi is an unavoidable eye-catcher.  See ‘Curious in Milano – A Sweet Peek’ for more on this historic café (1824).

Are you ready for Easter?


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