Curious in Mauritius—Taking Another Peek

Le Pescatore @ Trou aux Biches

This post is like completing the saga of our fabulous, recent days in the Indian Ocean.  We visited our BFFs living in Mauritius for a second time.  You may like to check the Sneak Peek ‘Curious in Mauritius’ that I wrote on our first trip there; besides foodie picks, you will find the must-see places when you are there.

This time we enjoyed the days in Mauritius in a different way.  We did not feel the pressure of having to visit the tourist sites.  Whilst our friends had to go to work—yes, that’s life even if you live in paradise!–we were able to enjoy each day almost in a dolce-far-niente mode as some locals allowed themselves …    The right attitude for authentic vacations!

I say “almost” because, besides waking up late and spending lazy hours on the beach, we were delighted to find great, foodie spots.  All are in the northwest and in Port Louis as it is there where we explored.


Le Pescatore – This is a wonderful, fine-dining place right on the Trou-aux-Biches beach.  We liked it so much that we went twice.


Odile, the hostess, gave us a very friendly welcome and ushered us to the best table.  The waiters were also nice and attentive.

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To enjoy delicious food and good wine, in great company, at a table set up on a lovely, seaside veranda is all a foodie can dream of.

Complimentary Beetroot Sorbet
Grilled Calamari, Risotto and Parmesan Emulsion
Heart of Palm, Poached Quail Egg and Truffles
Octopus with Red Bean Puree
Steamed Babonne, Enhanced with Xeres
Trilogy of Papaya — My husband was in his glory … Papaya!
Roast Victoria Pineapple, ‘Lassi’ Ice Cream
A delicious South African 2016 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay Jordan Stellenbosch

Kafé la Zétée – This little place is also located on the Trou-aux-Biches beach (next door to Le Pescatore); just in front of the jetty (zétée is Creole and means jetty).  Perfect for a nice, casual meal or snack and a good coffee.  They also had fresh juices and delicious ice cream.

We had the chance to go there twice: first, for lunch and the second time just for drinks.

Odile from Le Pescatore, heard us speaking Spanish and introduced us Carla, the charming lady, who runs la Zétée and is also from Peru.    With my girlfriend and my husband, we were a crowd of four Peruvians in tiny Mauritius!


#36 @ Mystik – You would like this spot for a drink and a good snack, especially if you are spending the day on Mont Choisy beach.  For sundowners get a place at their bar lounge on the top floor.  It is also a 3* hotel with 35 rooms; they decided to call their restaurant “#36”.


Le Navigator @ Canonnier Beachcomber – Inside the beautiful 4* resort, this restaurant is perfectly located to offer breathtaking views of the crystalline ocean and the northern islets.


Aperol Spritz, of course, and Ti’ Punch
Seafood Salad

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The staff was really friendly, and we got complimentary fruit and pancakes.

Some other locals joined us …


Grand Baie Yacht Club – It is for members only.  In case you have the chance to be there, the food at the restaurant is very good.


As a starter we had a tuna carpaccio.  My main was a dry beef curry, which I tried for the first time.  It was served with croutons, lentils, rice, and cabbage.  It had the curry flavors but no sauce, by mixing it with all the side dishes, it was perfect. I really liked it.

How to resist another refreshing dip in the fantastic, clear waters!


  • Grand Baie Fish Market – This is a small fish market in downtown Grand Baie, right at the beach. At around 15:30 the local fishermen start offloading their catch to be sold.  You will be impressed by the diversity of fishes in different, bright colors, and, of course, the freshness of the product.


Grand Ocean City – In the 19th century Chinese immigrants played a major role in Mauritian retail trading.  Today the Chinese make only 2-3 percent of the country’s population, but the food has remained extremely popular, especially in Port Louis.

We decided to try the Grand Ocean City, because we love dim sum, and I had read that they offered it in the traditional way, i.e. one can choose from the different dishes (mostly dumplings) that are pushed around on carts.

The restaurant is located on the second floor of L’Observatoire, the food court at Le Caudan Waterfront.  Besides dim sum (only Mon-Thu-Sun for lunch), they also serve à la carte.

The dumplings were nice and fresh, but I had the impression they tasted almost the same …  Nevertheless, the staff was friendly, and it was interesting to have a different, Chinese food experience in Mauritius.

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This is a very interesting article by The Yale Globalist:  ‘Chinese-Mauritians:  Paradise Island’s Next Dodos?’

Îlot Café – After a shopping stroll through Le Caudan, we found this original café, all made out of pallets.  We decided to take a closer look.

I loved the place and their coffee!


  • Located a few steps from Le Caudan Waterfront is the Port Louis Central Market. We had toured the Central Market during our first time in Mauritius.  It was a pleasure to see the beautiful vegetables and fruit hall again.  We even found fresh lychees to take home, although the beginning of the lychee season had only started.

It was another amazing trip.  The South is still on the bucket list …  I am glad there are still things to discover in beautiful Mauritius!

If you are interested in getting closer to more stunning islands in the Indian Ocean, check my Foodie Routes:  ‘Island Hopping in the Seychelles – Part 1: Mahé’ and ‘Island Hopping in the Seychelles – Part 2: Praslin and La Digue’.  I am sure that you will enjoy the reading.

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