Curious in Mauritius

La Maison d’Été

It has been one week since I returned from fascinating Mauritius, and I still cannot believe that such a stunning place exists.mauritius_rel90

For general details about this splendid, tiny island–20 times smaller than Switzerland–check Brigid Delaney’s lively write up.

For me the 11-hour direct flight to reach Mauritius was all worthwhile, not only because of the breathtaking nature of the island and the possibilities that it offers to enjoy it, but because I could visit my BFF, who moved there with her family 2 1/2 years ago.  Yes, it is not that easy to get together as when they were living in Geneva, but these lucky guys live now in paradise!  Thanks to them, the whole Mauritian experience turned out to be a sequence of highlights, which I will never forget.  Of course, I am keen to share my foodie picks with you.  Most of them are in the North, as it is there where my friends live.

The Château de Labourdannais

La Table du Château, the restaurant in the estate of The Château de Labourdonnais, was the first foodie spot to discover, and I liked it a lot.

The setting cannot be better, located in the middle of the beautiful gardens.

The Chef uses the Château orchards’ produce and offers a seasonal menu.


  • Visit the Château and stroll through the gardens and orchards–hosting fifty varieties of centenary mango trees!  The tour ends with a tasting of their products:  fruit jellies, jams, juices, and distillates.

20°Sud, a Relais & Châteaux hotel located in Grand Baie on the northern coast, offers a unique package to dine aboard M/S Lady Lisbeth, the island’s oldest motor boat.  An unforgettable experience for all the senses!



  • Another fantastic day trip from Grand Baie is a boat or catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island.

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The Beach House, an absolutely different great spot also in Grand Baie.  This is the perfect place to hang out:  a casual shack right on the beach with laid-back atmosphere, offering great drinks and delicious, uncomplicated food:  burgers, salads, seafood, etc.


Ti-Punch (petit punch), our preferred local drink.


La Maison d’Été, definitely the place I would choose to stay if I would not have my friends hosting me.  This boutique hotel is perfectly located on an exceptional coastal site in the northeast.   I loved the relaxing beach atmosphere, simple but charming at the same time.  Those red accents in the design concept play a special role, don’t you think?


I was glad to find out that Mauritius offers premium-quality fresh fish and seafood.  I mention this, because I have been on other islands where fish could not be taken for granted and was imported, and seafood was inexistent.  While staying in Mauritius, having shrimps, prawns, lobster, or the catch of the day was almost a daily treat.

Our lunch at La Maison d’Été

After a 2-km walk along the white, sandy beaches of Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches on the northwestern coast, we stop at Le Sakoa for a well-deserved break.

Starting with an appetizer …

Indian Samosas and Chinese Spring Rolls Sharing a Plate @ Le Sakoa

The different cultures that live together in Mauritius (African, British, Chinese, French, Indian, etc.) have learned to keep their traditions and to share the little island respecting each other.  At the same time, some cultural aspects like languages (Mauritian Creole) and flavors have melted strongly.  The Mauritian cuisine clearly evidences a cultural blend.

A lunch for all tastes!

Le Sakoa is a charming hotel with only 14 rooms and 2 suites, right on the beach.

Let’s move now to Port Louis, the capital.

Unavoidable visit to the central market.  Its food market displays a beautiful palette of colors. 


Le Courtyard, a foodies’ oasis in the middle of the bustling capital.img_8471


Otentic, an awesome eco tent lodge on the east coast, where glamping is real!

Judge by yourselves …

The concept @Otentic … eco-friendly,  natural environment, pure relaxation

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The tents @Otenticglamping at its best

Food and Drinks @Otentic … fresh products, true, homemade, Mauritian flavors

Beach life @Otentic … idyllic east coast, white sand, turquoise-colored waters

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Tips:  Some of the things a tourist may not want to miss being in Mauritius …

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Lychees in the central market

This is a short story, a story about “comfort fruit” that I have to tell you, because that is what my blog is all about:  good food, nice places, fond memories, bondings …  Among all the superb Mauritian vegetation, my great surprise was to find lychee trees packed with fruit all over the island.  Lychee is something that brings me sweet, childhood memories, because it was something that my father would give us as kids on special occasions, he would nostalgically tell us that it was a fruit from his homeland China.  In Peru you could buy the imported canned or dried lychees.  Here in Switzerland they sell them also fresh as exotic fruit, especially during the festive season.  So you can imagine how I felt in Mauritius when I saw all these fresh lychees hanging from the trees.  Definitely, November was a great time to visit; the temperature was perfect (25°-30°C), the flamboyant trees were in full bloom, and it was lychees’ harvest time.

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The next post on Mauritius will have to be a sneak peek at the west and the south of the island; this means, I need to return.  There is a hammock waiting for me!



14 thoughts on “Curious in Mauritius

  1. If I did not live here I would want to come rushing to visit this island after looking at your amazing photos! Thank you again for making the trip all the way here and I am sure it will not be too long before we will be again together, laughing and enjoying some great food and wine (or ‘tit ponches) in a great place, here, there or somewhere else! Missing you, my friend. From Mauritius with love, your BFF. 😘

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    1. At least we have the pics to prove that it was not a dream! It was so good to see you, and we had such a great time. Yes, we’ll find the way to cross the oceans and get together again. Big hug, my BFF


  2. Hola,
    …. como lo detallas y comentas sobre lo que hay en este paraiso, dan muchas ganas de ir por allá. Tu experiencia sera tb la nuestra, seguro….gracias.

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