Curious in Torino (Turin)—Taking Another Peek

Piazza Carignano

Further to my previous Sneak Peak ‘Curious in Torino (Turin)—Ice Cream Heaven’ dedicated exclusively to tasting, delicious ice cream in Turin, here is my write up on other foodie places I have found there.  If you are going to Turin, also check my Sneak Peak ‘Curious in Torino (Turin)’, which I published after my first visit earlier this year.

My new tips this time:

AgriSalumeria Luiset – It is unthinkable for us to be in Italy and not to get good salami.  IMG_2071Thanks again to Carolina (Tastes of Carolina) for recommending me Luiset.  Just 5-min walk from the Egyptian Museum, you will find this excellent salumeria, selling first-class products.


Which salami would you prefer?  We tried different ones and could not decide which one we liked better!

Farmacia Del Cambio – Also located in the beautiful Piazza Carignano, next to Del IMG_1873Cambio–see my review Sneak Peak ‘Curious in Torino (Turin)’.

A pretty place to enjoy an outdoor aperitif with awning sprinklers splashing water to cool down the hot temperature …  This has its cost, of course!



If you are already in the Farmacia, get inside and check their showcased pastries and chocolates.  You will find it hard not to indulge.  It is also interesting to watch what happens in their open kitchen.

IMG_1875Upstairs at the Bar Cavour they have opened Peruvian Vibes, a pop-up restaurant/bar that will run until 15.Sep.2017.  This one is now on the bucket list.

Mercato di Porta Palazzo (Sundays closed) – Not to miss as a foodie is a visit to the IMG_2077market, especially in Turin, where locals are used to buy fresh products at the market.  Porta Palazzo with about 1,000 stalls is one of the largest and oldest in Europe.  It is especially nice that they have a whole section, exclusively, for regional farmers to sell their produce.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The choice of fruit and vegetables is incredible.  They even had fresh ají amarillo (yellow chili pepper) that you can hardly find in Europe, and we use so much in Peruvian dishes, like causa (spicy potato terrine)—here is my Homemade recipe.


Pastificio Defilippis (1872) – The story of this place began when a cook of the House of IMG_2161Savoy opened his own pasta-making shop at this address.


The building where Defilippis is located is just superb.

We got a nice table on the first floor.  You sit surrounded by packages of pasta.  While waiting for our lunch order, we had Menabrea bionda, a local artisanal beer and a glass of Rosato Damilano.   Both good recommendations from the staff.  Oh, yes, we enjoyed those sips.

Spaghetti integrali con ratatouille di verdurine croccanti
Ravioli del plin di carne e verdura al burro e salvia

Steffanone (1886) – Visit this deli, just a few steps from Piazza San Carlo.

Among other typical, Piedmontese specialties, you will find amazing cheeses, including Da Vinci’s favorite:  Montébore, a cheese with lots of history.  The one that looks like a three-layer cake.

Tre Galline – During our first visit to Turin we enjoyed a good glass of wine at Tre Galli–see my review about it under ‘Curious in Torino (Turin)’–in the Quadrilatero, a nice area for bar hopping.  You note when it is time for an aperitif in Turin.  The streets and places start to get busy.

This time I had booked at Tre Galline; a restaurant belonging to the same group and serves traditional, Piedmontese cuisine.


The greeting from the kitchen came in form of a delicious vitello tonnato (veal with tuna fish sauce).


Main courses:



Sweet greeting from the kitchen:


We really liked the food and the barolo at Tre Galline.  It felt authentic, and the dishes were carefully prepared and tasty.  The staff was attentive and complied with all our special wishes in a friendly way.

We walked back to our hotel enjoying the beautiful sights of Turin by night.

When visiting Turin, just stroll around its streets, squares, and arcades (18 km!).  It doesn’t matter if you get lost; actually, it’s better!  You will be amazed by interesting discoveries:

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… a cozy coffee corner

… @Signorvino

… @Eataly Torino Lagrange


… one of the various historical caffès in the city:  Mulassano, inventors of the tramezzino (triangular sandwich) in 1926.

… front of a peculiar piercing parlor

… A Turinese man approached to show us a cannonball embedded in a wall.  How kind of him!


… and last but certainly not least the Mole Antonelliana by day and night.

8 thoughts on “Curious in Torino (Turin)—Taking Another Peek

  1. Patty que linda experiencia. Una consulta: entre los starters del Ristorante Tre Galline hay un plato que parece que hay flores de calabaza fritas. Con que estaban rellenas?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sí, Gaby, fue muy interesante y conocí un montón. Sobre tu consulta, las flores de calabacín preparadas tipo tempura (sin relleno). Lo que se ve blanco es bacalao fresco al vapor. Servido con una vinagreta. Super deli!


  2. Patty qué maravilla tus fotos y tus relatos que nos hacen viajar y transportarnos siempre! Gracias por compartir tus experiencias y conocimientos con todos tus fans and looking forward to next Wednesday 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Llegamos a Torino! Y la pasamos de maravilla, gracias a tus recomendaciones y a las recomendaciones descubrimos este lugar y pensamos que no sera la ultima vez..cremos que aunque hiciera mal tiempo hay mucho que hacer..caminar por los arcos de la avenida Po. Ir de compras etc….gracias hasta pronto en otro viaje..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vilma, que bueno saber que disfrutaron de la escapada, que les sirvieron mis tips y que les haya gustado Torino. Me encantara escuchar los detalles. Es como dices una maravilla de ciudad para descubrir y volver!


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