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Vienna has recently been ranked (for the 8th year in a row) as the world’s best city to live in.  A big applause to all Viennese for this well-deserved recognition.   As a visitor in the Austrian IMG_4880 (2)capital, it will not take you too long to appreciate the excellence in its quality of life.  While there, just relax and let yourself be seduced by this serene, fabulous city.  Do not think it is boring, because it is actually vibrant!

If you are planning to visit Vienna, check this good write-up:  15 Things to Know Before You Go:  Vienna

Coffee houses in Vienna are more than just a place to have a coffee; they are established cultural institutions.  Have a look at this interesting note:  History of Viennese Coffee House Culture.

The glass of water with the spoon means that you can stay as long as you want

Having a coffee in Vienna?  Read this article first:  The Art of Ordering Coffee in Austria.

Viennese coffee houses are unique, and you may find a Viennese café outside Vienna, but it will not be genuine.  It will be a wannabe, Viennese café …

Café Hofburg – If you are in Vienna, you will most probably like to tour all the imperial sightsIMG_4864This coffee house is conveniently located just next to the Sisi Museum.  A special break in the inner courtyard of the Imperial Palace.

Zwölf-Apostelkeller (1339) – This historical wine cellar (heuriger) in the heart of Vienna is an inIMG_1568teresting place to visit.  Though we did not have the chance to try their kitchen—they serve traditional Austrian dishes–we toured the cellar and had some local wine and beer.

Figlmüller – They started over 100 years ago and have made the Wiener Schnitzel famous.


Today they are so well known that they are running six restaurants in Vienna, and you will always find a queue.  Therefore, book a table; if possible, in their headquarters on Wollzeile.

The Wiener Schnitzel and the potato salad were delicious.


Café Dommayer – This traditional coffee house is located in the Hietzing district, close to the Schönbrunn Palace.


Johann Strauss I and II made concerts here.  The owners at that time (1844) allowed the Waltz King (J. Strauss II)– just before his 23rd birthday–to play here for the first time in public.

Besides the fascinating stories, this café is worthwhile a visit for what it offers today.   Judge by yourself; you will not resist …

à la carte

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Choose your favorites from the counter  …

… and you will not have doubts to indulge.



JazzFest.Wien – This is one of the three most important jazz festivals in the world.  Vienna hosts it every summer.  What makes this festival so special is that top jazz, rock, and pop musicians perform in unique Viennese venues like the Opera or the City Hall, just to name two.  The whole city center becomes a stage for musical performances.  There are also many good, free, outdoor concerts, and the yearly Film Festival is held in parallel at the City Hall square.


The various options offered in the festival’s culinary area are as good as the music.

We were impressed by the fact that the food booths did not use disposables.  Although the catering court was in an open, public area (located directly opposite the City Hall), they used proper plates, cutlery, and glasses to serve food and drinks.

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Once finished, people took their dirty dishes to a counter assigned for that purpose.  You would not find used, dirty glasses or plates laying around, or people taking them home …  What a sense of civism!  What a treat for the environment!  What a delight to have this experience!  Things like these are possible in the best city to live in.  Yes, you are in Vienna!

This year’s Jazz Festival will be held from Jun 9 to Jul 10, and the Film Festival from Jun 30 to Sep 3, 2017.  I hope I can make it!


Absolutely not to miss if you are touring Vienna:


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  1. Mi primera tranca me la pegue en un Heurigen en Viena, 15 añitos no sabía tomar! Las personas son recontar amables y es una ciudad lindisima!

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