Curious in San Francisco


Ever since my first trip to the United States as a schoolgirl, I have kept San Francisco (SF) as one of my favorite cities.

SF is original, genuine, one of a kind, and it has so much to offer.  This year I had the chance to spend a short time there, and I could sneak a bit in Embarcadero, in North Beach, and in Chinatown.

“The Bay Lights” (25,000 LEDs) on the Bay Bridge

Waterbar – It is a wonderful bar and seafood restaurant in Embarcadero, in a privileged location almost under the Bay Bridge.

Floor-to-ceiling aquarium @ Waterbar

I wish we would have had time to try some drinks at its beautiful bar, but we had booked a table and were short of time coming from the airport.  Next time, then …

Great view of the Bay Bridge from the Waterbar

The fresh seafood and fish were delicious.

The service attentive and friendly, and our party of eight enjoyed a most delightful, reunionimg_3571 dinner.







Nice walk along the Embarcadero to our hotel.




Lobby @ Bohème



Complimentary sherry in the lobby, nice for an aperitif or a nightcap.  Little details like this count for a foodie …






img_3603-2Stella Pastry & Café – Conveniently located just below Hotel Bohème, you find this Italian bakery and coffee shop.  They offer excellent coffees and delicious, traditional, Italian pastries and cakes.

Being at Stella, felt like being in a café in Italy.



Delicious Dim Sum – The Chinatown in SF is the largest outside Asia.  My Chinese DNA and weakness for its food made me found this spot in the heart of the Chinatown district.


Note that it is not a restaurant but a take away and, as its name indicates, it sells only  dim sum, and they are really delicious!  The dumplings were the best ones I have ever had, and—I can tell you—I have tried lots in many different places.


Most DELICIOUS dumplings!  Though, not fond of these disposable food containers at all …

img_3597Café Zoetrope – This restaurant offers excellent Italian food as well as Italian and Californian wines.  It is located on the ground floor of the beautiful Columbus Tower (or Sentinel Building), also in North Beach.

The beauty of this flatiron building is really impressive.

I liked the bistro atmosphere …


… and really loved the wine and food!

4 thoughts on “Curious in San Francisco

    1. San Francisco te encantará, es único. El hotel Bohème una monada; un viaje a los fifties! Y en la pastelería Stella que queda al lado te sientes como si hubieses llegado al sur de Italia. El café buenazo y los pastelitos mejor los pruebas tu misma y me cuentas!


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