Prune Plum Tart


Summer is coming to an end here.  The short season of prune plums has started. This is the recipe of a delish fruit tart, using prune plums when they are at its best.  This tart is especially delicious, because the main ingredient used for the custard is mascarpone instead of cream or milk.  It makes it just perfect!

1 ready made, rolled tart/pie dough (28x 42 cm = 11×16.5 in) or puff pastry for one round baking tray (32 cm = 12 in)

3 Petit Beurre cookies – It absorbs the fruit humidity, especially when using frozen fruit

25 fresh prune plums* (approx. 2 lb = 1 kg) – You can also use frozen fruit, in that case, you will need approx. 1 1/2 lb = 700 g frozen, pitted halved plums

250 g mascarpone

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

5 tablespoons sugar

Powdered sugar to dust the cake

* Depending on the season, you can prepare this same tart with other fruit, preferably those with a taste on the acid side:   apricot, rhubarb, sour cherry, mirabelle plum, tart apple (try also my Homemade Apple Tart), etc.

Preheat oven:  210°C or 410°F.

Roll out crust and press it into a pie baking dish of your preference.  Note that this time I used two rectangular ovenproof trays; therefore, I needed rectangular pastry (11 x 16.5 in = 28 x 42 cm cut into two).  You can also use a round pastry dough (32 cm) and the suitable round pie dish.



Sprinkle a thin layer of finely crushed cookies over the crust.







Slice plums in half and remove the pits.





Lay plum halves (cut side up) a bit overlapping in the prepared baking dish.  Optional: If fruit is not too sweet, sprinkle a bit of extra sugar over it.

For the uncooked custard:  Blend mascarpone, vanilla extract, eggs, and sugar until well mixed together.


Tart using the rectangular dough




Pour the mix evenly over plums.



Tart using the round dough




Bake for 35-40 minutes in the lowest level of the oven until custard had set and is golden brown.




Serve warm or at room temperature.

Dust tart with powdered sugar just before serving.

Optional:  If you prefer, you can also serve it with whipped cream, Crème Fraîche, or a scoop of ice cream.

Keep tart at room temperature the day you bake it.  Wrap and refrigerate leftovers … if any!

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