In the Spotlight: Hongxi, Zurich

My Cantonese dad instilled in our family a strong appreciation for well-prepared food and taught us the importance of sharing moments around the table, most of the times while eating but sometimes while cooking together as well.  For me there is nothing that embraces these values like dim sum.

Last year when Hongxi opened its doors in District 4–Zurich’s most multicultural and never-sleeping neighborhood–I booked right away. The offer was too tempting: “contemporary Chinese cuisine” specialized in dim sum, offering also traditional dishes, all prepared by experienced chefs!

Fortunately, nowadays you can get dim sum almost at any time, and that’s also the case at Hongxi.  We had a fantastic dinner.

A couple of classic dumplings:

as well as steamed and stir-fried dishes:

Early this year I also took my mom (90), another true foodie. She is an excellent cook herself and has one of the best palates I know. She loved it:

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Last Sunday I could experience Hongxi, in a different way. They hosted a Dim Sum Workshop, and I was so lucky to be able to take part together with my husband, who was more than happy not to have to sponsor me this time.  First things first: Friendly welcome  with jasmine tea.

and delicious turnip/radish cakes (lo bak go).

Meeting THE chefs:

Learning from THE chef the technique to prepare the wrapper for shrimp dumplings (har gau) … actually more admiring the proficiency:

It’s our turn, and it’s not easy at all!

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Mise en place, getting ready to wrap pork/shrimp dumplings (siu mai):

Easy peasy for the experienced; a real challenge for the rest!

Some had time to finish the spring rolls.

A brief introduction to vegetable carving.

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The tables were cleared and set for enjoying.

Everything tasted wonderful.  The fare prepared by the guests:

We were even surprised with a fabulous, seven-course lunch:

… and these cute panda bears:

Thank you, Hongxi! We really loved being part of the event, and your staff and food are wonderful. Can’t wait to be back!

3 thoughts on “In the Spotlight: Hongxi, Zurich

  1. ¡Patty qué maravillosa experiencia! Ojalá podamos ir a Hongxi la próxima vez que los visitemos. Me encantó el post pero falta una foto de la Mother of all Foodies, la Mama Aida. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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