Rainbow Fruit Skewers


When my friend ‘Patricia de Samos’ (this is how we call her, because Samos is where we first met) invited us to a party at her home, I volunteered to bring some dessert. I knew that she had planned a special evening, therefore, I decided to bring fruit salad but not necessarily just in a bowl …

Take wooden skewers and thread the following fruit onto each:img_1496

1 blackberry or 1 black-colored grape
½ prune plum or 1 purple grape
1 green grape or 1 chunk of peeled kiwi
1 chunk of peeled pineapple for the yellow
1 cube of peeled orange-fleshed melon (I use Charantais) or mango
and finish off with 1 strawberry for the red


The above list is just a suggestion. Of course, you can use the fruit of your preference, but note that the skewers will look especially pretty if you resemble the rainbow color order.




Match this chart if in doubt




When choosing the fruit, consider using seasonal, regional produce as quality should be at its best.

Once you see the pretty result and taste the delicious, healthy rainbow, you will love this fun idea. Besides, it is an easy way to take fruit salad along and a perfect addition to any occasion. For sure, the next hit for parties and picnics.


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